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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Write Sparks. Menulis dalam waktu kurang dari 10 menit

Cerita ini sebenarnya sudah lama sekali, bahkan udah gue tulis di blog frenster gue. Tapi karena menurut gue ini pengalaman yang menarik (dan karena gue lagi kehabisan bahan buat nulis, hehe), makanya gue tulis lagi di sini.
Jadi begini,waktu gue browsing-browsing ke blog 100 kata, gue menemukan link ke WriteSparks, sebuah software untuk menulis.
Hah? Software buat menulis? apaan tuh?.
Jadi WriteSparks itu berisi kalimat-kalimat one-liner untuk membuka paragraf. Kalimat ini akan muncul secara random, dan kita diminta untuk menulis dengan tenggat waktu yang telah kita tentukan sendiri, bisa 10 atau 15 menit.Kalimat yang muncul bisa berupa kalimat penuh, atau kalimat yang 'nggantung, seperti "I'd like to make peace with..."

Contohnya: Jika muncul kata "Today I decided to go out". Nah kalimat ini akan membuka paragraf dari cerita yang bakal kita tulis dalam kotak writesparks itu, tapi nulis dan nyari idenya harus cepat, karena di bagian bawah kotak dialog, ada stopwatch yang akan menghitung tenggat waktunya. Kalo waktunya habis gimana dong? ya ngga ada apa-apa, tapi itu menandakan elo kalah melawan target lo sendiri. Well, for me it's kinda fun :)

Gue udah nyoba nulis beberapa tulisan berdasarkan sistem di atas. Tenggat waktu yang gue pilih: 10 menit.

WriteSparks oneliner: I'd write a long letter
I wrote:
I'd write a long letter to my wife and tell her that I love her so very much. But then I think a short one will do just fine. The next minute, I grab a pen and a letter pad. Before I know it, words start to flow.

"Dear Jane. Thank you so much for the love and affection that you have given me in the past fifteen years. You are the best gift that any man could ever have.
I love the way you smile, the smell of your hair, and the way you kiss me goodnight passionately".

I love you forever,

I fold it and hand it to my beloved wife.

She read it. Cry her heart out, pack her suitcase and left.

Suddenly I realize something. My wife's name is Mary.

WriteSparks oneliner: They returned too late
I wrote:
They returned too late. Its 11.15 now and they are 2 hours late. I surely could not handle that. I took discipline way serious and this kind of attitude is going to ruin the business.
The second they arrive at my room, I embrace them with a vicious look.

"Sorry B-bos" Her skinny hand reach out towards me and gave me a few dollars of today’s income.

And then my anger reaches the roof. Unacceptable! They’re late and under target. How could they waste my precious time waiting here in this dump and comeback under profit?

My hand rise to the air and a few slap landed on their cheeks.

Those two 8 year old girls cried in fear.
"We're sorry. The streets are too cold. It's hard for us to beg in this kind of weather. Please...please...We said we're sorry"

Her tiny voice mumbles and fades in the ghetto air. That’s it, no dinner for the two of you tonight.

WriteSparks oneliner: The leaves made soft, rustling sounds
I wrote:
The leaves made soft, rustling sounds. The wind whispers ever so tender as we made love in the park that day.

She moans silently and my breath races in time.
I licked her ear, she sighs in ecstasy.
I push. And push. My body shakes in rhythm-less motion
It was good. So damn good.

Our body tightened. We are one now.
In my heart, I scream out her name.
Oh yes, do we made love in the park that day.

Suddenly I hear a woman's voice, screams out my name from a distance. And there she was standing anxiously by the bushes.

I turn and look at my lover with a painful stare.
She nodded, knowing that it is goodbye.
I'm sorry dear, that woman needed me more. She’s blind you know.

She barks two times.
I wigged my tail.
And then we part.

Hmm..quite exiciting for a quickie :))

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Blogger Ryane said...

i do think so! its kinda fun, anyway! tengkyu Nia.. kalo ada hal baru yg menarik, ajak2 yah..

2:43 AM

Blogger Nia said...

sip lah..sim-sim yaah...

10:36 PM

Anonymous hiking said...

lucu juga softwarenya

3:46 PM

Blogger fit said...

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Salam Kenal,

4:35 AM

Blogger Nia said...

ahh Fitta..
aku jadi malu..
tips biar jadi copywriter?
apa ya?

PeDe aja kali ya ??!

11:09 PM

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