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Friday, July 10, 2009

A letter to my dearest friend

you don't have to love him that much. A love like that will slowly kill you. How long must you endure the pain? A pain that will slowly destroy you.

I would love to see your smile again, your witty charm, and how your face light up when you laugh. Yes, laughter. It's something that you didn't do much often these days.

in my opinion, you don't even have to love him at all. Not because he's married to someone, or because his wife terrorized you with constant SMS or stalking you once in a while. Leave him because your love is too grand for him to cope. It is imbalance.

you are too precious for this. We all know that you can accomplish so many things.Why waste your time waiting for something we both know could not work.

don't wait for somebody new to replace him. I know you just need somebody to love you back, but you know what, to do that, you have to love yourself first.Loving yourself means that you stop hurting yourself, and this is hurtful. The whole situation is hurtful for you, so why bother?

at this moment you are wondering when will all of this ends. My answer is it will end when you value yourself enough, when you wont settle to be the second option. because you my friend, deserves to be the one, the ultimate, the first, the last, the irreplaceable.

stop wasting your time. Leave him and his battle for divorce. Love you for all you are, then learn to love again.


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Anonymous Anggi Karimuddin said...

nicely write say.. :)

4:54 AM

Blogger Kurnia said...

iya nih, menulisnya dari hati

1:15 AM

Blogger bee^^ said...

aih... nge pas bener...

7:37 AM

Anonymous Vie said...

salam kenal..

in ditulis sendiri yaa? bagus bener..

9:04 AM

Blogger Nia said...

iya aku tulis sendiri
based on my bestfiend's love life dilemma

smoga bermanfaat

12:29 AM

Blogger SWASTIKA said...

pengen re-post buat temen akuuu . boleh mbaa? :)

7:28 PM


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