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Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Few Notes for My (Future) Daughter

By the time you read this, probably you’ve graduated from Lembaga Bahasa LIA or private English lesson that daddy paid for (you know, since mommy write this in English), or maybe neither if mommy eventually married to a “bule”, then you’ve got the English speaking knack for free.

If you read this note, then it means that Mommy has found a really great guy, who sweep her of her feet, made her feel loved again and recover from that god-awful-heart-wrenching-pain that she had encounter earlier. You my darling, must be the fruit of our pure love, not by steaming lust, conceived-in-a-horrid-cheap-movie theatre downtown (believe me I’ve had a friend who did exactly that. Her life wasn’t pretty at all).

My first advice is: Beware of all skin whitening products, specially those fake non popular brands on Pasar Tebet Barat. Now honey, say it with me: SAY-NO-TO-HYDROQUINONE…Yes, that hai-dro-kui…ahh, good girl.

Clean your face before bed time; with milk cleanser and astringent (don’t use that two in one thingy, it makes you grow zits). It’s quite relaxing and scares away those pimples and dead skin cells. But don’t go for a facial until you can actually pay for it.

Eat your vegetables. For they are healthy, delicious and make your body lean and your skin look brighter. Trust me; you’ll thank me for this one.

Don’t wear anything with beads or fake pearl sequence. It is down right ugly and it’s just not right. Really it is.

The no-make-up look is the best look. So go find a natural colored foundation, nude lipsticks, lip gloss and the best eyeliner you can find. That is all you need too look good.

Enjoy the littlest thing that you find interesting, for sometimes they are the best thing that life could offer you.

When it comes to choosing your educational major, my only advice is to trust your inner gut. Acknowledge your talent and your passion. Choose a dream, and fight your way to get it accomplished. Whether it is art, science, writing, or even that damn taxing job. Jump on the wagon you choose, and then hit the gas like hell.

If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, just remember that you are always be my precious daughter, and you mean the world to me. The rest of the world who thought the otherwise, well they can kiss my teenie-tiny-tushie.

Don’t try to be one of those girls in school who try so hard to be popular. Learn to play guitar, and the popularity will come to you (and so are the cute guys)

When it comes to relationship, don’t trust your guy and give him 100% portion of your love. I know it’s hard, your Grandma used to say this, and I’m not paying attention, and I ended up in the most excruciating break-up ever - Thank God, I survive that though-

If your guy said that he was too busy to return your calls, chances are he is too busy answering other girl’s phone. Cut him off this instant.

Don’t fully trust a guy who said all the sweet stuff, he probably rehearse the lines way too many times - with other girls-

If a relationship is too good to be true, maybe it probably is. Keep your feet on the ground my dear, so it won’t hurt like hell when you fall.

A smile goes a long way. Smilers never loose and frowners never win, so levitate your chin, and face everything with a nice grin that Mommy has inherited you.

Take blame for your wrongs and embrace the credit for your rights. You just reward yourself with a big slice of fairness.

Parents are your friend, specially a pair of groovy couple like your mommy and daddy, so feel free to tell us everything. We shall not judge you or petrified you (well, maybe if you gotten yourself pregnant at your teen year or addicted to drugs, then the story would be so different young lady!)

Don’t hurt other people’s feeling just because you’ve been hurt before, remember what I said about the big slice of fairness, well trashing other people’s feeling is nowhere near the fairness cake.

Don’t cheat. It is wrong and hurtful. If you happen to find other people you like during your relationship. Dump your boyfriend and go for your new crush. Make up your mind! It will do a lot of people a favor.

Well, I could blab about this on-and-on-and-on, but I think that’s just about it. If something crossed my mind, I’ll just go and squeezed it into the list some other time. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Mommy will go and finds this nice and cute guy to conceived you with (in holy matrimony off course!)

Big hug and kiss,
Your Mother

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Blogger pip said...

The title of this post should be: "A Few Notes I Should Have Read (In The Past)"

8:48 PM

Blogger Nia said...


makanya biar anak gue ngga mengalami hal yang sama..hihihi

8:59 PM

Anonymous Alia said...

Halo anaknya Nia... ;)

7:49 AM


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