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Monday, April 09, 2007

Now, You Can "C" Me

If there's one letter on the Latin alphabet that truly describes me and my life at this point, it would be the letter “C”.

Here’s how…

C is for Cancer
I was born in early July, so that’s made me a Cancerian. I really lived up to the name because, like all “Cancer sejati”, I am very sensitive, romantic, drama queen to the very core, having delusion of grandeur, yet could be very persistent in reaching goals. If somebody hurt me, this little cancer girl will knock his/her lights out. So watch out! Cancerian bears grudges and not easily forgives.

C is for Cry-Cry-Cry
Translated to bahasa, “C” could also stands for “Cengeng”, because yes, I cry a lot. Sometimes I get teary eyes for miscellaneous reasons like sad romantic movies, heartwarming books, “A-walk-down-the-memory-lane” songs and so on, and not to mention during my “PMS” moment or other dramatic life events that I reluctantly tell. But I have been working my way to escape this “drama queen” phase of my life. The process has taking its baby steps, but I’m sure I shall be “crybaby” no more.

C is for Complicated dating life
After getting my self liberated from my previous unhealthy relationship, it’s like I’m facing something completely new and complicated, it’s a “thing” called “The Dating World”. The flirt, the crush, the step back, the moving forward and start over. It’s all very overwhelming yet exciting at the same time. Single life has never been this fun for me.

C is for Comfort Zone
This is where I am now. Living a career with lack of ambition (I mean the passion is there...but not quite there). Satisfied easily and not giving my full throttle. Don’t get me wrong, I love my work, it just that…I know I can do more, but I don’t do as much as I could be. This state of comfort is too comfortable, it scares me.

C is for Crisp Jokes
Hahaha…I know, I get this a lot. I am “Garing” and proud of it. Silly jokes, dumb comments on everything, I love making people laugh (or vomit sometimes). Garing is the new cool.

C is for Clumsy
Left my glasses or bracelet in the toilet, nearly left my cell phone on Taxi seat, forgetting dates and appointment, loosing phone numbers, accidentally banged my head on the wall, loosing body balance, “bengong” mode all the time.
Yes!! I am the goodwill ambassador of clumsiness.

C is for Clueless
I don’t know how everything works. No, I’m not even talking about gadgets and techno stuff (I’ve certainly failed on that). I’m referring to life in general. The great knowledge about people management, about how men act and react, about how working life should really be, about being tricky for once, about controlling my passion for certain things, about being hurt or accidentally hurt someone, about who I am as a person. For me clueless is a process of getting to know what I don’t know in the past, so that I became that person who know better.

C is for Cantik (???)
I know I’m not that pretty, but I know I’m not that ugly. Beauty is about how you see yourself in the mirror everyday. I woke up, and see myself without any make up, and react to the view with a nice smile, that’s how I know that I am “cantik”.
Being grateful is cantik
Loving my self is cantik
Embracing who I am fully is cantik
For me, I am cantik.

So you see…
I “C” what I”C” in me, to make me, a better me.



Blogger rangga said...

Nia, cewe copywriter cemas celingukan culun cari cerita cinta, cenderung canggung cuman ceria, cayaaaaaang... hehehehe...

5:25 AM

Anonymous Acum said...

C is For Candil Serieus...rocker juga manusiaahh!!

6:49 AM

Anonymous Acumi said...

C is for...
baru belajar bas udah langsung bisa, bikin iklan nggak usah ditanya deh.

C is for...
pastinya yang gue tahu dia suka ngelembur atau cinta kantor?sampe sabtunya ngantuk2 dikit pas les...

7:01 AM

Blogger Nia said...

Rangga: hihihi...crazy creative comments..cup-cup-cup!

Acum: C is for Cieeee....:)) hihihi

7:14 AM


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